About Tattoos In Modern Culture

The word tattoo is likely related to the Samoan tattoo, meaning ‘to strike or sign. Tattooing had become popular in the Western world when the sailors began to explore the Pacific and return to work tattoos.

In Japan, which has a long history of the tradition of tattooing, while the use of being Tattooing in the discussions of other types of tattoo art. His tattoos sometimes a shorter word or mutual use of the term ink, art, or in the workplace to talk about costume design similar to this tattoo gallery.




The History Of Tattoos And Modern Culture

Tattoos have been popular for thousands of years. Although the process may have changed some over the decades, the reasons for getting a tattoo may not have changed.

All around the world, you can find people with tattoos and this widespread popularity is what makes the tattoo world so varied in design and styles. Where did the tattoo practice begin?

Even as early as the Neolithic period (Stone Age), symbols were found in Eurasia. Ortiz the Iceman that discovered in the Alps frozen had 57 tattoos on his body that consisted of simple dots and lines. These new symbols were the precursor to our tattoos today.

Tattoos in Japan found as many as ten thousand years ago. These first symbols most likely made from making cuts in the skin and rubbing the wounds with soot or ashes. After the cuts had healed, the remaining color made up their tattoos. Tattoos with similar meaning to these tattoos in Japan are eagle feather tattoos. Here is a great article with meanings explained.

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Pros and Cons Of Tattoos

Of late’ tattoos are more basic than any time in recent memory. Tattoos have picked up a considerable amount in prevalence throughout the years, allowing people to confront out and communicate who they truly are. Men and ladies alike have tattoos, some concealing their entire body. The choice is completely up to you however, as you can get a tattoo in practically any size you need.


Despite the fact that there are various great issues about tattoos, there are awful issues too. Among the great issues about tattoos grasp the likelihood to communicate who you may be, the likelihood to be you, and the prospect to confront out. You can view similar tattoos in this gallery.

A great many people who get tattoos get them for the typical importance. Despite the fact that there are some who get tattoos entirely for the look, numerous wind up lamenting getting the tattoo a while later in life.

octopus tattoo

Tattoos are pleasant for appear, however the outline itself ought to keep up some significance. There are a determination of plans and hues to choose from, which adds to the positive focal points of tattoos. You can look at numerous outlines at your nearby tattoo studio, in books and magazines, and on the Internet.

The Web is a decent helpful asset for tattoo plans, as there are truly thousands to take a gander at. You can even observe photographs of the individuals who have tattoos so you may get a thought regarding what a specific style will appear like when it has been done.

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Tattoos by Types and Reasons Part 2

Tattoos Used in Medicine: Tattoos were seen to have therapeutic properties thousands of years earlier. In the year 1991, on the Austrian border the popular ‘Ice Man’ Otzi was discovered. Carbon dating of the Ice Man’s body showed that he lived in 3300 BC.

An astounding 57 tattoos were found on Otzi’s body; these tattoos are believed to have had some sort of remedial significance probably to relieve him of aches and pains. Permanent tattoos were also found on Egyptian mummies that seemed to be a sort of protection during the hard periods of pregnancy and delivery.

medical tattoos

Inter-culture exchanges have brought about a significant change in the way tattoos are perceived and tattoos can no longer be categorised into being one type or the other which can be viewed in this gallery..

Maori tribal tattoo designs are mostly done as a part of a celebratory ritual to the tribe. Tattoos were given to tribesmen in different events that unfold in their lives. Some of these tattoos were placed during specific rites of passage for warriors of the tribe whenever they show strength and courage in particular events.


Other times, these tattoos were given to the individual that has shown a particular unique trait that he or she can use for the benefit of the tribe, giving him or her a special status within the tribe.

Lastly, the Hawaiian tribal tattoo designs were given to tribesmen as a sign of their identity within the tribe. These tattoos were usually given to members of the tribe after they were given their rite of passage. Tattoos were also given to a tribesman as protection from evil spirits.

They put it in specific parts of their bodies so as to be protected properly from the wrath of spirits who seek out trouble within the tribe or a particular family.

Based on the above descriptions, all tribal tattoos have special meaning before any member of the tribe would place it in their bodies. So, before adopting a particular tribal tattoo, make sure to find out the meaning of it in this article.

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Tattoos by Types and Reasons

Tattoos Used as Identification: The Maori tattoo would be a straightforward example of an identification tattoo. It is a custom of the Maoris to get a tattoo on their face or their head for every important occasion in their life. All personal achievements and skills find a place in the Maori tattoos that stand alongside ones that describe a person’s ancestry and family background.


Tattoos that are Purely Aesthetic: These tattoos quite simply serve as an ornamental adornment. In nearly all cases, these tattoos serve only to enhance one’s beauty. Just above the buttocks and around the navel are few of the most favorite spots. You can view full gallery here.

Tattoos that Reflect Religious Affiliation: Hinduism may be the only religious sect that truly encourages people to get tattoos. Christianity does not look on tattoos favorably even though it does not raise objections.

Islam and Judaism are strictly against tattoos while Mormonism just does not allow getting tattoos. But no amount of religious restrictions will keep people from getting a tattoo and especially a design that would publicize their religious affiliation. For more religious tattoo visit this website.

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The Female Tattoos Part 2

Butterfly tattoos on girls are the most popular. Flowers being considered as feminine as well as symbols of natural beauty, they are one of the most favorite subjects for females. Roses, sunflower, daisies, cherry blossom, lilies, etc…

Are commonly depicted in the female tattoos. In fact, each flower tattoo has a symbolic meaning as well. Another type of popular female tattoos is fairy tattoos. For fairy tattoos, a common place to tattoo them is on your wrist. If you need to view more wrist tattoos click here.


Tattoos of smart looking girls with supernatural powers are also favorite choices of girls. Heart which is considered as the symbol of love and romance has been one of the oldest subjects for female tattoos. Here is a great source for love and romance tattoo inspiration. Also another great source for love and romance tattoos.

The modern female dresses such as the low cut jeans have made the lower back of girls a common place for tattoos. This is considered as a very sexy part of a girl to have the tattoos. Instead of having the on the center of back, women can have them along the sides also.


Though many people still know very little about tattoos, they making industry is flourishing well. The tattoos help the girls to reveal their sexy body language.

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The Female Tattoos

Girls generally like tattoos and the choice of designs, nature and the parts of the body where they are kept, etc… Depend on the individual tastes and preferences. However, Tattoos on girls are not accepted everywhere and those with feminine and attractive designs are considered as characteristic of hot girls.


While the Japanese girls use tattoos of fish, dragon, etc… On their arms and hips, various types of American tattoos are used by girls to adorn their abdomen, chest, back and legs. One of the most popular tattoo designs in US is hummingbird tattoo. Here you can view a full gallery.

The girls who are using tattoos are found to be more active in sex and it is also possible to understand the sexual nature of a female from the type of tattoos that are used by her.

The female tattoos are becoming more popular nowadays and they are often sexy and attractive but, not offensive. They became popular some twenty years back when many of the female celebrities started using them.


This was the reason for the wide acceptance of female tattoos. Females generally prefer small and delicate things. Hence they are mostly prefer small in size and look prettier when compared to male tattoos. Generally, women tattoos bear thinner lines and they look not as obvious as men tattoos.


There are rare cases of women having full sleeve tattoos that cover their arms completely. The most common types of female tattoos look isolated at a few parts of the body.

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Ancient Tattoos

Going as far back as any studies go on the question, it is claimed that the “Ice Man” who lived some 3300 B.C., had some manner of tattoos. Upon discovering the remains, researchers could do little rather than guess that this primitive kind of tattoo was for the purpose of warding off evil spirits, or that it may be some type of rite-of-passage award.


Merged on his spine and behind one knee and on one ankle, the Ice Man had roughly fifty-seven tattoos. It is impossible to do further than speculate as to the actual rationalization for them, it most certainly shows that tattoos aren’t unique to current eras nor to the individuals in the present-day world.

As the Ice Man was the oldest mummified human remains found in Europe, modern day tattoo fans have history on their side – there’s nothing whatever new about tattoos.



In the past, tattoos were connected to an altogether varying nature than during the in recent decades. There was nothing notorious or rebellious about them at all. It used to be that tattoos were reserved for those of high social standing, and were not available to average individuals.

Tattoos were only available to and a sign of those who were wealthy, important, and mostly in some high position. Sweden’s King Oscar had tattoos; also England’s King George IV. In that period tattoos were considered a status symbol. Something like elephant tattoos and similar. You can find your inspiration for elephant tattoos in this gallery.

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Premium Tattoo Designs and Pictures

Our top recommendation for the most famous Maori Tattoo Designs:

#1 Rank: Tattoo Me Now. Rating: 9.8/10 *Our Recommendation!

#2 Rank: Chopper Tattoo. Rating: 6/10


It was long ago when tattooing was considered a sacred ritual for the Maori people of New Zealand. Tattooing is an integral part of their life since it signifies a person’s transformation to adulthood. Maori people who are without a tattoo are considered worthless and have no important function in the society. Tattooing for them is also a show of their courage and bravery. Imagine being tattooed with a chisel on your face. That is right! Maori tattoo designs are done in the face not elsewhere on the body which makes it painful and difficult.

Nowadays, one can have Maori tattoo designs etched in other parts of his or her body. Well, that is, not necessarily on the face. A machine may also be used instead of a chisel which makes it more hygienic and less painful.

The Maori designs are very distinctive – the curved shapes and the spiral intricate patterns are characteristics of Maori tattoo designs. Although nowadays, one can’t have exactly the Maori symbols tattooed in their body since this could offend the Maori, the beauty and the intricacy of the Maori tattoo design captures the heart of other people. In this case they ask their artist to make a modified Maori tattoo design for them. People who are keen in expressing their uniqueness opt to have Maori tattoos since Maori designs are intricately unique. The intricate patterns in a Maori tattoo design may also be expressive of your personality.

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