The Female Tattoos Part 2

Butterfly tattoos on girls are the most popular. Flowers being considered as feminine as well as symbols of natural beauty, they are one of the most favorite subjects for females. Roses, sunflower, daisies, cherry blossom, lilies, etc…

Are commonly depicted in the female tattoos. In fact, each flower tattoo has a symbolic meaning as well. Another type of popular female tattoos is fairy tattoos. For fairy tattoos, a common place to tattoo them is on your wrist. If you need to view more wrist tattoos click here.


Tattoos of smart looking girls with supernatural powers are also favorite choices of girls. Heart which is considered as the symbol of love and romance has been one of the oldest subjects for female tattoos. Here is a great source for love and romance tattoo inspiration. Also another great source for love and romance tattoos.

The modern female dresses such as the low cut jeans have made the lower back of girls a common place for tattoos. This is considered as a very sexy part of a girl to have the tattoos. Instead of having the on the center of back, women can have them along the sides also.


Though many people still know very little about tattoos, they making industry is flourishing well. The tattoos help the girls to reveal their sexy body language.