Ancient Tattoos

Going as far back as any studies go on the question, it is claimed that the “Ice Man” who lived some 3300 B.C., had some manner of tattoos.

Upon discovering the remains, researchers could do little rather than guess that this primitive kind of tattoo was for the purpose of warding off evil spirits, or that it may be some type of rite-of-passage award.


Merged on his spine and behind one knee and on one ankle, the Ice Man had roughly fifty-seven tattoos. It is impossible to do further than speculate as to the actual rationalization for them, it most certainly shows that tattoos aren’t unique to current eras nor to the individuals in the present-day world.

As the Ice Man was the oldest mummified human remains found in Europe, modern day tattoo fans have history on their side – there’s nothing whatever new about tattoos.



In the past, tattoos were connected to an altogether varying nature than during the in recent decades. There was nothing notorious or rebellious about them at all. It used to be that tattoos were reserved for those of high social standing, and were not available to average individuals.

Tattoos were only available to and a sign of those who were wealthy, important, and mostly in some high position. Sweden’s King Oscar had tattoos; also England’s King George IV. In that period tattoos were considered a status symbol. Something like elephant tattoos and similar. You can find your inspiration for elephant tattoos in this gallery.

Premium Tattoo Designs and Pictures

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It was long ago when tattooing was considered a sacred ritual for the Maori people of New Zealand. Tattooing is an integral part of their life since it signifies a person’s transformation to adulthood. Maori people who are without a tattoo are considered worthless and have no important function in the society. Tattooing for them is also a show of their courage and bravery. Imagine being tattooed with a chisel on your face. That is right! Maori tattoo designs are done in the face not elsewhere on the body which makes it painful and difficult.

Nowadays, one can have Maori tattoo designs etched in other parts of his or her body. Well, that is, not necessarily on the face. A machine may also be used instead of a chisel which makes it more hygienic and less painful.

The Maori designs are very distinctive – the curved shapes and the spiral intricate patterns are characteristics of Maori tattoo designs. Although nowadays, one can’t have exactly the Maori symbols tattooed in their body since this could offend the Maori, the beauty and the intricacy of the Maori tattoo design captures the heart of other people. In this case they ask their artist to make a modified Maori tattoo design for them. People who are keen in expressing their uniqueness opt to have Maori tattoos since Maori designs are intricately unique. The intricate patterns in a Maori tattoo design may also be expressive of your personality.